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For those interested in growing Cosmic Crisp® apples, please visit provarmanagement.com, where you’ll find the following documents:

Grower Details

A comprehensive document detailing fruit characteristics, growing regions, rootstock, tree characteristics, and more.

WSU Sheet

A fact sheet for the Cosmic Crisp® (WA 38 cv), brought to you by Washington State University.

Cosmic Crisp® Grower FAQ

Answers to the most frequently asked questions from growers.

Outline of NNII Policy Concerning Propagation and Sale of ‘WA 38’

A document outlining specifics surrounding the propagation and sale of Cosmic Crisp® (WA 38) apples.

Non-Exclusive Grower Agreement

A sample of the Grower Agreement for WA 38 apple variety.

U.S. Farmgate Agreement

A sample of an addendum to the Grower Agreement for WA 38.


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