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The Apple You’ve Been Dreaming Of

The perfectly balanced flavor and firm texture of Cosmic Crisp® apples makes them a versatile ingredient in the crisper drawer. Find them nationwide in grocery stores in all seasons.

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The countdown to the Cosmic Crisp® Culinary Challenge has begun, and everyone has a chance to win this year 🏆

Our team of creative chefs @charmerkitchen, @haydendelishaas, and @drinkingwithchickens, will assist Lead Judge, Dan Koommoo of @craftedyakima, to determine the top recipe in each category (Snacking, Baking & Entertaining) for a chance to win $950+ worth of prizes 😍

This year, fans will also have an opportunity to win one of five packs worth $280 by entering their name address (no recipe needed!).

Click the link in bio to submit your email and join the countdown 🍎

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Cosmic Crisp® Apple Fritters are about to be your new favorite snack (thanks to @hellolittlefoodies_) 😍 🍎 Crispy, fluffy and surprisingly easy to make!

📌 Save the recipe below, and don’t forget to follow @thecosmiccrisp for more snack recipes from our community!

🍎 2 Cosmic Crisp® Apples
🍎 3 Tbsp Maple Syrup or Honey
🍎 1/3 Cup Milk of Choice
🍎 2 Eggs
🍎 1 Cup Plain Flour
🍎 2 Tsp Baking Powder
🍎 1 Tsp Cinnamon Powder
🍎 Oil for Frying

1. Peel, core and dice your apples into small pieces. Place them in a large bowl.
2. Add the syrup, milk and eggs, stirring well.
3. Next, add the flour, baking powder and cinnamon powder. Stir well to combine and set aside.
4. Heat oil in a frying over medium heat. Once it’s hot, turn it to low to prevent the fritters from burning and the insides uncooked.
5. Scoop and transfer the batter to the pan, and fry both sides until golden brown.
6. Serve warm with some syrup, cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar. Enjoy!

📸: @hellolittelfoodies_

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Pineapple may be pizza's most controversial topping, but how about Cosmic Crisp® apples on pizza? 😯 

Before you knock it, consider their perfectly balanced sweet-tart flavor paired with creamy mozzarella, crispy bacon and BBQ sauce. Plus, the apple holds up at high temperatures! 🍕🍎

What’s the most creative recipe you’ve ever come up with using Cosmic Crisp® apples? Comment below! 😍

📸: @celiacdoesntsuck

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10-minute meal prep? 😍 Follow @thecosmiccrisp for easy recipes 🍎✨

Fresh, healthy and conveniently portable, these Spring Salad Jars star slow-to-brown Cosmic Crisp® apples, strawberries, mixed greens, pumpkin seeds and a homemade poppyseed vinaigrette 🥗🌸 

📌 Grab your mason jar, and click the link in bio for the recipe 🍎

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Whipped Goat Cheese Boards > Charcuterie Boards 😍

You can’t go wrong with goat cheese, especially when it’s seasoned with fresh herbs, honey, olive oil and edible flowers 🌸 🌼 (Yes, you’ll want to share this with the cheese lovers in your life 🧀)

Serve with Cosmic Crisp® apples for a refreshing spring snack 🍎🌿 Recipe linked in bio!

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