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The Apple You’ve Been Dreaming Of

The perfectly balanced flavor and firm texture of Cosmic Crisp® apples makes them a versatile ingredient in the crisper drawer. Find them nationwide in grocery stores in all seasons.

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Restock Alert 🚨 Our biggest harvest of Cosmic Crisp® apples to date just arrived in grocery stores nationwide 😍🍎

🛒 Use the store locator (linked in our bio!) to find them at a store near you!

📸: @brownfieldorchard

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Fruit punch, but make it fall! 🍁 

@juicyjucingj’s juice features the perfectly balanced flavor of Cosmic Crisp® apples in everyone’s favorite beverage 😍🍎

For this juice, you’ll need…
🍎 4 Cosmic Crisp® Apples (3 Cups of Cold-Pressed Apple Juice)
🍂 2 Red Pears (1 Cup of Pear Juice)
🧡 1” of Ginger (Pressed)
🎃 Pumpkin spice (optional)

📸: @juicyjuicingj

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Nothing like Thanksgiving leftovers to get you through the week 🦃 🍎

@cookinginmygenes’ Cosmic Crisp® Apple Cheddar Turkey Toast combines turkey leftovers with fresh Cosmic Crisp® apples for a quick & delicious lunch 🥪

📌 Here’s what you need:
1 Slice of Sourdough Bread
1 Tbsp Mustard of Choice
4 Slices of Turkey
Handful of Arugula or Spinach
6-8 Slices of Cosmic Crisp® Apples
3-4 Slices of Old Cheddar Cheese

1. Preheat the oven to broil. Spread butter on sourdough bread & broil for 2-3 minutes until edges are turning golden. Remove from the oven.
2. Spread on the mustard. Layer the turkey, greens of choice, apple slices & cheddar. Broil once more for 3-4 minutes until cheese is bubbling. 
3. Remove from oven, add a sprinkle of pepper if desired & enjoy!

📸: @cookinginmygenes

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Stuffing is the true MVP of Thanksgiving dinner! 🍂🍎 

The perfectly balanced flavor of Cosmic Crisp® apples round out the tartness with a hint of sweetness in this Cranberry Cosmic Crisp® Apple Sourdough Stuffing.

📌 Here’s what you’ll need:
¼ Cup Salted Butter
1 Cosmic Crisp® Apple, Diced
1 Cup Diced Sweet Onion
½ Cup Diced Celery
2 Cloves Garlic, Minced
1 Tbsp Fresh Thyme, Finely Chopped
1 Tbsp Fresh Sage, Finely Chopped
1 Tbsp Fresh Rosemary, Finely Chopped
Generous Pinch of Salt & Pepper, To Taste
1 Cup Fresh Cranberries 
1 Lb. Dried Sourdough Bread Cubes
2 Cups Chicken or Vegetable Broth
1 Egg

1. Preheat the oven to 350° Fahrenheit.
2. Heat a medium pot over medium heat & add the butter. Once the butter melts, add the apple, onion & celery. Sauté for 5-8 minutes, stirring occasionally. 
3. Add the garlic & herbs. Sauté another 1-2 minutes. Season with a pinch of salt & pepper, to taste. Remove from the heat, & let cool slightly. Add to a large bowl along with the bread cubes & cranberries.
4. Whisk the egg & stir with the broth. Drizzle the broth over the bread cubes & gently toss to coat the bread. Combine all ingredients. Add another ½ cup or so of broth if needed to wet the bread just enough to ensure none of the cubes are dry to the touch.
5. Transfer the bread mixture to a large baking dish. Bake in the pre-heated oven for 30-40 minutes or until the bread is fluffy and the edges are golden brown & crisp as desired.

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Between the "apple" and the "celebration," this Cosmic Crisp® Apple Celebration Slaw with #CosmicCrisp Apple Cider Vinaigrette is an essential side for #Thanksgiving dinner 🍎🥗

Thanks to Eve H. & Louis S. for their Honorable Mention-earning recipe from our Cosmic Crisp® Culinary Challenge 🙌 🏆

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