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The Apple You’ve Been Dreaming Of

The perfectly balanced flavor and firm texture of Cosmic Crisp® apples makes them a versatile ingredient in the crisper drawer. Find them nationwide in grocery stores in all seasons.

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February’s Pet of the Month is... 

Carrot, a sweet donkey living in Kansas 🥕

Contrary to her name, Carrot isn’t too fond of carrots, and Cosmic Crisp® apples are the only apple of her eye 😍 Just look how excitedly she tilts her head to let Mom know she wants more 🍎

Click the link in bio to enter your name, email address, and a photo of you & your pet 🐕🍎 Already entered? Your pet is still in the running for next month ♥️

📸: Hug A Moo Foundation

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Plant breeders do what honey bees do 🐝

Dr. Bruce Barritt and his team at Washington State University used classical breeding techniques to bring Cosmic Crisp® apples to fruition 🌳 ❤️

Looking for Cosmic Crisp® apples? Use the store locator linked in our bio to pick up 1, 2 or a dozen 🍎 🛒 

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YES, you should add Cosmic Crisp® apples to your weekday sandwich! 🍎

Here's a combo that will wow your tastebuds: Juicy Cosmic Crisp® slices & crispy strips of bacon on a flaky, buttery croissant 🤯

Comment “CROISSANT” & we’ll DM you the recipe 🍎🥐

📸: @superfreshgrowers

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What gives Cosmic Crisp® apples its amazing flavor? 🍎 It’s their perfect balance of sweetness & acidity ⚖️👌

According to horticulturist & Cosmic Crisp® developer - Bruce Barritt, ✨ balance ✨ gives our apples a special character that keeps you coming back for another bite.

Share your favorite apple flavor profile in the comments - Sweet, Tart or Balance 🍎

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No apple bakes better than Cosmic Crisp®... Take it from @tripleoakbakery, who loves our apples for her Tarte Normande:

"Cosmic Crisp® apples hold up to cooking & keep its sweet-tart character really well!" 🥰 Plus, their natural sweetness means you can skip the extra sugar in your baking recipes.

What do you like to bake with Cosmic Crisp® apples? Drop your favorite recipes below 🍎

📸: @tripleoakbakery

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