Spring Snacking Cosmic Crisp® Apple Superboard


Cosmic Crisp® Apple Blossom Cheddar Hand Pies

Cosmic Crisp® Apple Crackers

Cosmic Crisp® Apple Wrap-Ups

Sassy Cheesy Apple Spread

Apple Waldorf-Style Tassies

Spicy Sweet Slather

Apple Shortbread Wafers

Spicy-Sweet Dipping Dust


Spring has indeed sprung. And with the new season comes a refresh of the scrumptious Cosmic Crisp® Apple Super Board. We’ve updated recipes and added new ones with spring ingredients, like hints of strawberry, pops of chive, tarragon or mint, and fresh, tangy buttermilk. We’ve even included a surprise “guest” – our brand new, Cosmic Crisp® Apple Garden Focaccia.


Have some fun with your favorite Spring special days. Or add some much needed whimsy and play to dinner any day.

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