Official Cosmic Crisp® Apple Cookie Decorating Instructions

Step 1

Use red buttercream and tip 10. Start squeezing about ¼ inch off the cookie. Pipe around the outside, but not the very edge, we want to see that beautiful cookie peeking out. Fill in the apple.

Step 2

Heat the spatula up by having it in a cup of very how water. Quickly dry and smooth the surface of the red we just piped. Put spatula back in hot water as many times as you need to get desired smoothness.

Step 3

Mix a tiny bit of green and yellow food coloring gel to your plain buttercream to get a pale-yellow green. Attach tip 10 and pipe a dollop on the top and on the bottom, on opposite sides. Smooth the green at the top downwards and then the bottom, smooth upwards.

Step 4

Add on a tiny bit of yellow buttercream with tip 1 attached. Add overtop the green. Smooth gain to get the apple coloring.

Step 5

With tip 1 and yellow buttercream, make tiny dots down the apple, making them bunched together at the bottom of the apple.

Step 6

Use tip 2 and brown buttercream, pipe the stem by squeezing towards you and then pip up and away from you to make the cut part of the stem wider.

Step 7

Take tip 366 and leaf green buttercream. Have the beak facing down and at the end of the petal. Start squeezing with a large amount of pressure until that buttercream billows out and slowly pull back. Stop squeezing where you want the leaf to end and the pull away to break the buttercream.


Cosmic Crisp® apple shaped cookies using the Official Cosmic Crisp® Cookie Recipe

Batch of American Buttercream

Green, yellow, brown and red food coloring gel


Tip 10, 1, 2 and 366

Piping bags

Plastic couplers

Offset spatula

Cup of very hot water