Cosmic Crisp® Logo Cookie

Step 1

Use tip 12 and white buttercream, pipe around the edge of the cookie and fill in to the center.

Step 2

Dip the offset spatula in very hot water so it heats up, quickly dry off and smooth the surface. Dip in hot water as needed. The hotter the spatula, the smoother the surface.

Step 3

Use tip 5 and red buttercream. Hold the piping bag straight up and down, Pipe dots around the border of the cookie, counting 16 to meet back at the top.

Step 4

Just under and slightly to the right of the dots, Pipe a second layer of dots.

Step 5

Again, slightly under and a little to the right, make another layer.

Step 6

Switch to a smaller tip, 2 and continue to pipe following the same pattern. Make two of the smaller dot patterns to finish the dots of the logo.

Step 7

Use tip 5 and brown buttercream to pipe a stem, the stem should get wider at the tip so use more pressure on your way out to the end.

Step 8

With green buttercream and tip 352, Pipe a leaf. Have the beak facing down, squeeze until the buttercream billows out and slowly pull back away from the stem. Stop squeezing when you want the leaf to stop and then break the buttercream by pulling farther away.



Tip 2, 5, 12, 352

Piping bags

Plastic couplers

Offset spatula