Cosmic Crisp® Holiday Chair Tassel


Dare to decorate in the simplest of ways! This Cosmic Crisp® apple hanger hits the sweet spot.

  • Cosmic Crisp® apple
  • A skewer or chopstick to puncture a small hole in the apple
  • 1.5” wide red ribbon (approximately 12” per ornament)
  • Evergreen (or other greenery)
  • Faux berries on a small branch
  • Small, mercury ornaments


  1. Take your skewer or chopstick and pierce the core of the Cosmic Crisp® apple at least 1” deep right at the stem.
  2. Insert your sprigs of evergreen or other greenery into the core of the Cosmic Crisp® apple.
  3. Cut approximately 12” of ribbon.
  4. Take about 4” of the ribbon from one side and knot it around the bottom of the evergreen so you’re left with approximately 8” of red ribbon on the other side.
  5. Finish off the short side of the ribbon by folding it in half and trimming it on a diagonal towards the outside creating a dovetail.
  6. Then take your faux berries and thread a small ornament over the branch of the berries.
  7. Insert the branch right next to the evergreen at the core of the apple.
  8. Hang your Cosmic Crisp® apple tassel from your dining room chair back using the long side of the red ribbon.
Cosmic Crisp Apple pouch

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