Cosmic Crisp® Apple Garland


  • Cosmic Crisp® Apples
  • 12 Gauge Floral Wire – Purchased at Hobby Lobby
  • Eye-Hooks or other heavy-duty fasteners depending on type of surface garland will hang on – purchase at Walmart
  • Metal Skewer (or ice pick) – purchase at Grocery store or Walmart


  • Measure mantle or area garland will be hung and allow extra Length to be able to secure wire at ends and be secured to desired area
  • Using Metal Skewer, poke a hole through apple about ¼ of the way down from the top of the apple
  • Thread 12-gauge wire through hole and continue process with apples until you have the desired length of garland 
  • Secure wire ends of garland to eye-hooks or other heavy-duty fastener 
  • (optional – use a 3rd Eye-Hook in the middle of garland to create a swag affect) and hook or wire garland to Eye-Hook to finish
Cosmic Crisp Apple pouch

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