Cosmic Crisp® Cookie American Buttercream


Step 1

Cream your butter and salt in a stand mixer on medium speed for 2 minutes. 

Step 2

Once creamed, add your vanilla. Mix again for a minute.

Step 3

Scrape down sides and mix again for 30 seconds.

Step 4

Sift your powdered sugar to make sure there are no clumps and add it in.  Place a towel over your mixer to prevent a powdered sugar storm.

Step 5

Once mixed, add in your milk, starting with 5 Tbsp. You can always add more but you can’t take it out. Continue to add more than the recipe states if it’s too thick. Remember temperature and humidity factor in. If you find its too soft, add in ¼ cup extra powdered sugar to thicken it up. Be careful because it will begin to taste like straight powdered sugar if you add too much.

Step 6

Mix until smooth, about 1 minute on medium to high speed. Be sure not to over-whip your buttercream. DON’T panic you won’t ruin it if it whips longer. Store unused buttercream in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a week or freeze for up to three months.


Two-toned Buttercream: What you will need

Batch of buttercream from above

Clear plastic wrap

Piping bag



Pink food coloring

Food safe paint brush

Step 1

Lay a piece of plastic wrap down horizontally. Take a gel color mixed with a tiny bit of water to dilute a little and dip food safe paint brush in. Paint thin strips horizontally about 6 inches long.

Layer on about a cup of white buttercream over top of the color stripes.

Step 2

Fold over hot dog style to create a pouch or a buttercream burrito is what I like to call it. Twist up your ends and coil up one side so the buttercream doesn’t come out.

Step 3

With the uncoiled end, feed it though your coupler. Cut the end of your piping bag about 1 inch and drop in the end with attached coupler straight down into the piping bag.

Step 4

Pull the plastic through and cut off remaining. Attach tip and match the strip up with the end you want the color to come out of. Begin to pipe. The white buttercream will pull the color through. You will have to give it a big squeeze to start to see the colors come through. If you want the color to come through in the tips of the petals, have the color line up with the skinny end of the tip. For the inside of the petals, have the color lined up with the wide end of the tip. Begin to pipe, adjusting the tip for color flow.


6 Cups


2 cups unsalted butter, softened

½ teaspoon salt (3 grams)

2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract

9 cups (1080 grams) of confectioners’ powdered sugar (white powdered sugar)

5-6 Tbsp 2 % milk

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