Galaxy Cookie Decorating Instructions


Take a little bit of black food coloring and swirl it in the surface of the glaze using a skewer or a knife. Repeat this with a few colors to make it look like a galaxy. Red, yellow, maybe some pink if you have it.  don’t mix deep, just in the surface and don’t over swirl. Make look as pictured. 

Take a cookie and dip it straight down into the glaze until the cookie is coated, pull it un and hold the cookie straight over the glaze to allow some access to drip off, and then flip it over to reveal a gorgeous swirl of color.

Use the knife and swirl the center to look like the cosmos.

Sprinkle with white nonpareils and make it look like its flowing with the swirl. Allow to dry for 30 minutes before piping the apple, or pipe straight on but the glaze will be runny.

Take tip 2 and red buttercream and pipe an apple and fill it in back and forth.

Use tip 2 and green buttercream to pipe a small leaf just off center at the top of the apple.

Use yellow or white buttercream and tip 1 to pipe tiny dots all over the apple.

Use brown and tip 2 to pipe a small stem out of the center of the apple to complete the cookie.