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Cosmic Crisp® Social Media Policy

Because the Cosmic Crisp® program is extensive, this is an abbreviated policy. For full social media terms & policies, please click here. Social media is growing in popularity and ease as a channel which brands use to connect to consumers. However, with this growth comes regulations, changes, and questions. Most importantly, we want you to enjoy this experience of working withCosmic Crisp®! We’ve chosen you to help represent the brand on social media because we value your thoughts and opinions. Whether or not you are acting on behalf of Cosmic Crisp®, or using your personal social media accounts or blogs to talk about our products or our business (e.g., projects, promotions, sales, events, company content, and initiatives), always use good judgment and remember that you are still representing the brand. We want to help you navigate the ins and outs of posting on social media in connection to Cosmic Crisp®, so we’ve compiled a few helpful tips.

Stay on Brand and On Message

  • The Cosmic Crisp® brand name is always followed by the registered trademark circle R (®) . This is critical to building our brand, separating ourselves from other apples, and protecting our intellectual property.
  • Social media is a great platform for a tone that is conversational and informal, yet professional and tasteful. Please reference our key messages and infographic for verbiage on how we describe theCosmic Crisp®.
  • Stay up to date with the brand’s trademarked taglines, campaign hashtags, and approved graphics and icons.

Use Good Judgement

  • It is your responsibility to know and follow the appropriate guidelines of social media. This includes, but is not limited to, the FTC laws, platform-specific terms and conditions, and local regulations.
  • Give (legal) credits where credits are due, and never use or repurpose content if you do not have permission.
  • Negative comments are bound to pop up, but let us handle those. Avoid interacting with negative comments and notify the appropriate personnel at Cosmic Crisp®.
  • Avoid posting sensitive, private, or confidential company information (e.g., unannounced product launches and promotions, internal sales results, company strategy, pricing information or comparisons). This can lead to disciplinary actions or termination of agreements, which we want to avoid. If you’re not sure what to post and what not to post, we’re here to help. When in doubt, reach out!

Share the Love

  • We want you to post your honest opinions and experiences – just be sure to follow the FTC’s guidelines by disclosing your relationship with the brand. This includes tagging the brand in the visual, mentioning the brand (@TheCosmicCrisp) in the caption, and using the hashtag #sponsored.
  • If you’re reposting content or mentioning another user, please be sure to follow etiquette by mentioning (@example) and tagging the appropriate parties.


  • Use ® and appropriate ™
  • Maintain a professional yet conversational tone
  • Disclose your relationship to the brand – be honest!

Use Caution When...

  • Repurposing or reposting content
  • Mentioning specific growers, partners, or companies
  • Responding to comments and questions – ask for help!


  • Make unsubstantiated claims
  • Criticize or bash other brands or companies
  • Force your opinions on the audience
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