The Apple of Big Dreams™ invites you to dream BIG when it comes to your goals in 2023, but dreaming big always starts with small steps. Instead of starting a strict diet or exercise plan, focus on some simple changes that can help you be more mindful of your physical and mental health this year. Here are a few of our favorite habits to try!

Practice abundance, not restriction when it comes to healthy eating

When you tell yourself you’re not going to eat dessert every day, why are all of your dreams about cheesecake and chocolate sundaes? (Just us? 😅) We think the more you restrict yourself, the more likely you are to rebel on your rules. Instead, start small by adding healthier options, instead of removing what you enjoy.

Try this: stock your fridge with your favorite healthy snacks (we can think of a particular tasty option 🍎) and set a daily recurring alarm to eat it at least twice a day followed by a big glass of water. Over time, notice if you feel more satiated between meals.

Get creative in the kitchen

Spice up your meal routine by trying a new recipe each week (or start small with one per month) and save your favorites to a Pinterest board. Afterall, variety is the spice of life that gives it all its flavor. Feeding yourself and your family should be fun; look for new techniques, ingredients and flavors! Try this: Start by perusing our Inspiration page and select a few eye-catching options. Might we suggest adding the Crispy Cosmic Crisp® Apple Bacon to your breakfast or making the Bistro Cosmic Crisp® Apple Pizza for dinner.

Intentionally add relaxation and fun into your routine

Instead of waiting for the few hours of down time you get on Sunday night before the new week, schedule and protect your recharging time for YOU! Whether that includes family game night, reading in the bath, taking a solo drive, or practicing a creative hobby, when you replenish your energy, you have less stress and more zeal for the day.

Try this: Write down a list, 1-20, of simple actions that sound enjoyable and replenishing to you. Start small, and carve out 30 min to 1 hour in your calendar three times a week. Then, search Random Number Generator in Google and select the action assigned to that number and fulfill it the best you can!

Simplify your space by downsizing and decluttering 

Are you convinced that everytime a sock goes missing from the dyer, it comes back in the form of an extra tupperware lid? Say it with us… *get rid of it*. 2023 is the year shedding the extras, and investing in items that make life just a little easier. Our favorite place to start is the kitchen! 

Try this: Divide each room into zones and take it one section at a time. Donate that extra pot you never use, toss expired food in the back of the fridge, take everything out of the pantry and cabinets and only put back what is most used. 

The key to every new habit is making it achievable. Whatever new changes you want to make this year, write them down or share them with a friend for added accountability, create your plan, take it slow, and don’t forget to always Imagine the Possibilities™.

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