The Apple of Big
Holiday Dreams

Bring your holiday dreams to life with Cosmic Crisp® apples.

'Tis the Season

Cosmic Crisp® apples are the one ingredient you need to make the holidays sparkle and shine this season. From crowd-pleasing snacks and sweets to festive drinks and decor, fresh inspiration starts at the grocery store.

The Star of the Season

Shine Bright

Fresh & Festive Ideas

Get Inspired!

Vibrant and versatile, Cosmic Crisp® apples are the perfect ingredient for a fresh twist on gatherings and merry making.

Proudly Supporting the Pajama Program

In partnership with Carla Hall, Cosmic Crisp® is proud to support Pajama Program, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes and supports a comforting bedtime routine and healthy sleep for children to help them thrive.

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The biggest crop of Cosmic Crisp® yet is hitting shelves now, just in time for the holidays! 🍎 Who's stocking up? Share below!

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What does 🧈 + 🍎 =❓

@joythebaker’s rendition of Ina Garten’s Apple Pie Bars, of course! The buttery shortbread highlights the perfectly balanced, natural sweetness of Cosmic Crisp® apples.

The best part? These easy-to-eat squares double as a dessert OR a snack, so you can satisfy sweet tooth cravings whenever they strike. 

📌 Save for later, and click the link in bio to get the recipe for your next baking day.

📸: @joythebaker 

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Do you know where Cosmic Crisp® apples are grown? 🤔💭 If you guessed Washington state, you're correct! 😍 

Cosmic Crisp® apples are grown in five regions across the state. Although they all share the same the ideal growing conditions, each region boasts unique characteristics that help grow the world’s best apples 🍎

In particular, the shores of Lake Chelan are an optimal spot for Cosmic Crisp® apples thanks to lake’s cooling effect in the summers and warming effect in the winters. It’s this temperate microclimate that makes the region renowned for producing Cosmic Crisp® apples with exquisite color, shape and quality. 

🍎🌳 Curious to learn more about the Cosmic Crisp® apple orchards? Click the link in bio!

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Soup to fall for: Cosmic Crisp® Curried Cauliflower Soup! 😍 🥣 🍂

This recipe will become a staple comfort-food during cooler months. Curry adds an aromatic heat to this creamy cauliflower bisque, while Cosmic Crisp® apples perfectly balance the cauliflower’s nuttiness with a sweet finish 🍎 

📌 Hit save, and click the link in bio for the recipe.

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