Sweet & Crispy

Cosmic Crisp® brand apples are a cross between the ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Honeycrisp’. The large, juicy apple has a remarkably firm and crisp texture. Some say it snaps when you bite into it!

The Cosmic Crisp® flavor profile is the perfect balance of sweet and tart, making it ideal for snacking, baking, cooking, juicing or any other way you like to enjoy apples. Bakers will find that the Cosmic Crisp® maintains its texture and color in sweet treats. Some have also found that they can add less sugar to baking recipes, thanks to the natural sweetness of the Cosmic Crisp®.

Cultivated with higher levels of acidity and sugars, the Cosmic Crisp® is naturally slow to brown. It’s your charcuterie go-to and your new favorite apple for packing slices in lunch boxes!

The Cosmic Crisp® is known for its perfectly balanced flavor, crisp texture, exceptional juiciness, striking color and beautiful shape.


Classically bred, the Cosmic Crisp® is grown in Washington State


The perfect balance of tart and sweet


It’s called Cosmic CRISP® for good reason—one crunch and you’ll see why


Striking color that almost sparkles with starry-like lenticels

Size & Shape

An eye-appealing large size and round shape


Noteworthy juiciness in every single bite


Stays fresher longer than other varieties -- keep them in the fridge to maintain flavor and crispness

"Cosmic Crisp® apples. That’s all. That’s the tweet."

– Mack, on Twitter

Where Do Cosmic Crisp® Trees Grow?

Explore the five main apple growing regions of Washington State.