Cosmic Crisp® Apple Basket Bouquet


  • Cosmic Crisp® apples
  • Sharp knife
  • Melon baller
  • 2 yards of thin gingham ribbon (between ½” and 1” wide)
  • Short, flat-headed straight pins (about 1” long)
  • Spring flowers, such as tulips, hyacinths and ranunculus
  • Scissors


A fun craft for the kids, these sweet apple “baskets” are filled with fragrant spring flowers to delight lucky recipients.

  1. Using a sharp knife, cut off the top inch of each Cosmic Crisp®.
  2. Using the melon baller, hollow out the apples, leaving the walls at least ½” thick.
  3. Wrap the ribbon around the bottom and up the sides of the apples, leaving about 16” of length on either end so that it’s long enough to tie a bow. Secure the ribbon by inserting the straight pins into the sides of the apples.
  4. Tie the ribbon in a simple bow to make the basket handle. Adjust the length as needed.
  5. Trim flowers to fit inside and fill the apples. Add water for the flowers before decorating.
Cosmic Crisp Apple pouch

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