Yes. It has been approved (8/2021) for Cosmic Crisp® apples to be shipped in RPC’s for Walmart ONLY to accommodate the automated distribution centers. It is not approved for any other retailers.

Yes. High graphic pouches can be shipped in 2 color boxes or high graphic boxes. PVM prefers that if they are being displayed high graphic pouches be shipped and displayed in high graphic cartons.

Yes. You can use 2 color cartons for display at retail.

No. Bulk fruit is not allowed to be shipped in merchandising display bins or tri-wall bins. Merchandising and tri-wall bins are strictly for bagged fruit when it comes to shipping.

No. PVM does not require packaging to be bilingual. However, French/English bilingual packaging is available for packers who need it.

Yes! We provide all current files as templates to be used on your own dielines. Please send any edits or additional packaging formats to PVM for review and approval. Note: All packaging styles/formats must be universally available to any packer/shipper.

No. White labels or other non-branded labels are not allowed for covering pre-printed information. A branded Cosmic Crisp® apple pouch bag label is available here for emergency use in the event of pouch bag shortages. The label is designed to allow packers to print their packing information and Distributed By statements on the label and cover the pre-printed information of another packer when bags have been borrowed. As a reminder, the industry committees have chosen to maintain their own UPC codes which do not allow for non-printed bags. Please also note this is a template and should be checked against your bag size and needs. It can be resized by you or your printer, or you can contact us with a specific size need. Yakima Label will be keeping a supply on hand in the case of urgent printing needs.

Example of Pouch Bag Emergency Sticker

No. This sticker is only for use with Pouch Bags. Packers must pre-print all legal requirements on the poly bag and/or place it on the KwikLoc. Warehouse labels of any kind are not allowed on Poly Bags.

No. Cosmic Crisp® is a brand, and our focus is to build recognition of the brand with consumers. At this time, packers may not use house labels, private labels, clear or blank packaging.

Yes! A packer may add a company logo to the end panel of Euro or Tray Pack boxes in the “Distributed by” section on the lid of the euro, or the designated area in the center side panel of the tray pack. A 4 x 4 inch logo may also be added in the center bottom of each side panel of merchandising bins. Please consult the Packaging and Brand Guide or the marketing department at PVM for more information.

If you intend to export your products to the country of Mexico, the work plan requires that all “Distributed by” information is preprinted on the end panels of the boxes. Boxes with ink-jetted statements are not accepted according to the work plan. You are advised to arrange with your packaging supplier to preprint all “Distributed by” information on the box end panels to assure you are in compliance. It is advised to check with the country you are exporting to in order to meet their requirements.

No. You are free to use the recycling symbol if you would like, but it is not required by PVM.

After meeting with the industry packaging committee, our designers are working on a matte finish for the boxes. We believe a box designed for that printing style will represent the brand best.

Yes. As of June 2023, high graphic packaging can be printed without varnish. As an alternative, 2-color packaging is available for shipping. High graphic packaging is preferred for display.

Yes! The English and Bilingual high graphic tray packs have an enlarged space (4” x 4”) for the addition of supplier logo on both side panels. In an effort to simplify inventory, this tray pack with logo can be used for both export and domestic use.

Cosmic Crisp Apple pouch

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