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El Cosmic Crisp® es el resultado notable de 20 años de estudio y investigación realizado por el programa de mejoramiento de árboles frutales de clase mundial de la Universidad Estatal de Washington. Criado y cultivado clásicamente en el estado de Washington, el Cosmic Crisp® Apple es un cruce de las variedades Enterprise y Honeycrisp. La manzana grande, jugosa y roja tiene un sabor perfectamente equilibrado y una textura firme, lo que la hace ideal para picar, cocinar, hornear y entretener. El llamativo color y forma del Cosmic Crisp® La manzana brilla en decoraciones frescas como coronas, arreglos florales y paisajes de mesa.


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El sabor perfectamente equilibrado y la textura firme de Cosmic Crisp® Las manzanas las convierten en un ingrediente versátil en el cajón para verduras. Encuéntralos a nivel nacional en supermercados en todas las estaciones.

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February’s Pet of the Month is... Carrot, a sweet donkey living in Kansas 🥕Contrary to her name, Carrot isn’t too fond of carrots, and Cosmic Crisp® apples are the only apple of her eye 😍 Just look how excitedly she tilts her head to let Mom know she wants more 🍎Click the link in bio to enter your name, email address, and a photo of you & your pet 🐕🍎 Already entered? Your pet is still in the running for next month ♥️📸: Hug A Moo Foundation#cosmiccrisp #donkeylove #freshapples #apples #donkeyoftheday #petloversofinstagram #donkeysofinstagram
Plant breeders do what honey bees do 🐝Dr. Bruce Barritt and his team at Washington State University used classical breeding techniques to bring Cosmic Crisp® apples to fruition 🌳 ❤️Looking for Cosmic Crisp® apples? Use the store locator linked in our bio to pick up 1, 2 or a dozen 🍎 🛒 #cosmiccrisp #washingtonapples #apples #nongmo #farminglife #farminglife #horticulture #appleorchard
YES, you should add Cosmic Crisp® apples to your weekday sandwich! 🍎Here's a combo that will wow your tastebuds: Juicy Cosmic Crisp® slices & crispy strips of bacon on a flaky, buttery croissant 🤯Comment “CROISSANT” & we’ll DM you the recipe 🍎🥐📸: @superfreshgrowers#cosmiccrisp #croissantsandiwch #sandwichlover #sandwichrecipe #apples
What gives Cosmic Crisp® apples its amazing flavor? 🍎 It’s their perfect balance of sweetness & acidity ⚖️👌According to horticulturist & Cosmic Crisp® developer - Bruce Barritt, ✨ balance ✨ gives our apples a special character that keeps you coming back for another bite.Share your favorite apple flavor profile in the comments - Sweet, Tart or Balance 🍎#cosmiccrisp #apples #washingtonapples #horticulture #groceryhaul #groceryshopping #freshproduce #produce101
No apple bakes better than Cosmic Crisp®... Take it from @tripleoakbakery, who loves our apples for her Tarte Normande:"Cosmic Crisp® apples hold up to cooking & keep its sweet-tart character really well!" 🥰 Plus, their natural sweetness means you can skip the extra sugar in your baking recipes.What do you like to bake with Cosmic Crisp® apples? Drop your favorite recipes below 🍎📸: @tripleoakbakery#cosmiccrisp #tarteauxpommes #bakingfromscratch #bakinglove #apples
Fall in love with Valentine’s Chocolate Bark with Cosmic Crisp® & Chocolate SunButter® 💝🍫Made with @sunbutter’s Chocolate Butter, Cosmic Crisp® apples & rich dark chocolate, this sweet treat will dazzle tastebuds & make sparks fly ✨💖Click the link in bio to get the recipe, and don’t forget to enter our Spread the Love Giveaway for a chance to win 💘#cosmiccrisp #nobake #nobakedessert #chocolatebark #valentinesday2024 #dessertlover #mixedberries #darkchocolate
SunButter® 🤝 Cosmic Crisp®A match made in heaven, these SunButter® & Cosmic Crisp® Apple Heart Cakes are our latest obsession ❤️😍 Not to mention, they’re also dairy- AND gluten-free!Click the link in bio to get the recipe, and enter our Spread the Love Giveaway for a chance to win sweet prizes 💘#cosmiccrisp #sunbutter #cakescakescakes #chocolatecakes #dairyfreedessert #glutenfreedairyfree #bakinglove #valentinesday2024
Show up with this Caramelized Cosmic Crisp® Apple, Bacon, Date & Goat Cheese Dip & become the ultimate MVP of your Big Game party! 😋🏈🍎📌 Save for the recipe - RECIPE BELOWIngredients:🍎 1 Small Cosmic Crisp® Apple, Finely Diced🍎 8 Dates, Chopped🍎 3 Strips of Thick Cut Bacon, Chopped🍎 1 1/2 Tbsp Coconut or Brown Sugar🍎 Pinch of Flaky Salt🍎 8 Oz Log of Goat Cheese🍎 2 Tsp Honey🍎 Olive oil, To Serve🍎 Black Pepper, To Serve🍎 Bread of Choice, To ServeInstructions:1. Preheat the oven to 375° Fahrenheit & remove the goat cheese from the fridge.2. Prepare the topping: Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Place the apple, dates, bacon, coconut sugar & a pinch of flaky salt onto the baking sheet. Toss until everything is coated in the coconut sugar. Bake for 20-30 minutes, mixing every 10 minutes until the bacon is cooked through and everything is nice and caramelized. Keep an eye on it so the dates don’t burn.3. Place the goat cheese and honey in a food processor & pulse until the goat cheese is smooth.4. Pour the goat cheese onto your serving platter & spread evenly. 5. Top with the bacon & date mixture. Drizzle with olive oil & a sprinkle of black pepper if desired. Serve immediately with bread of choice!#cosmiccrisp #gamedaysnacks #snacktime #goatcheese #baconbaconbacon #datesfruit #apples #baconlovers
Comin’ in hot for game day: Brie Fondue with Cosmic Crisp® Apples 🍎🧀Creamy, cheese-y & gooey, this Brie Fondue is a French twist on a classic Swiss dish. Bake with rosemary to elevate the flavor. Comment “BRIE”, and we’ll DM you the recipe!#cosmiccrisp #briecheese #bakedbrie #fondue #cheeselover #gamedaysnacks #apples
💘 Spread the Love GIVEAWAY 💘Spread the love with your favorite snacking duo, Cosmic Crisp® apples & @SunButter 🍎🌻 THREE lucky winners will win a $250 prize pack:💕 Box of Cosmic Crisp® Apples (8 Apples)💕 Cosmic Crisp® Branded Cutting Board💕 Cosmic Crisp® Branded Charcuterie & Entertaining Paper💕 SunButter® Products & Swag💕 2 Heart Shaped Baking Molds💕 Bento Lunch Kit from @food52Click the link in bio, and enter your name and email address. Don’t forget to complete the extra actions on the next page for additional bonus entries! 😉Good luck! Giveaway ends February 21st, and winners will be notified February 23rd.*This challenge is not sponsored by Meta Inc.#cosmiccrisp #sunbutter #healthysnacking #sammie #snackideas
ICYMI, we love a wintertime salad with Cosmic Crisp® apples! 🥗 🍎The apple's sweet-tart flavor, crunch & irresistible juiciness complement the season's star produce, like kale, cranberries and sweet potatoes 🥬🍠Want the recipe? 😍🍎 Subscribe to our newsletter (link in bio!) to get the recipe!#cosmiccrisp #saladideas #wintersalad #kalesalad #apples #freshsalad
Ready for deliciousness of COSMIC proportions? 💫 Cosmic Crisp® has everything you could ever dream about in an apple - perfectly balanced flavor, unbelievable juiciness, effervescent crunch, ruby color & slow-to-brown flesh.Grab some fresh Cosmic Crisp® apples at a store near you using the store locator linked in our bio 🍎🛒📸: @superfreshgrowers#cosmiccrisp #apples #washingtonapples #groceryhaul #produce101
Cosmic Crisp® apples are not just your favorite snack, but also your pet’s 🍎Chock full of antioxidants, essential vitamins & fiber, Cosmic Crisp® apples are a nutritious, sweet treat for your furry friend. Just be sure to remove the core & seeds 😉Each month, we’re also gifting a fan & their pet a Cosmic Crisp® prize pack🍎Click the link in bio to enter your name, email address and a photo of you & your pet snacking on Cosmic Crisp® 🐕🍎Winners will be notified on the 20th of each month!#cosmiccrisp #goldenretrieverlovers #apples #dogtreats #petofthemonth #dogfluencer #dogfood #dogsnacks #dogtreatsfordays #goldenretrieverofinstagram
Your newest lunchtime obsession: @sunbutter Jammies™️ with a side of Cosmic Crisp® apples 🌻🍎Nutless, crustless & absolutely scrumptious, SunButter® Jammies™️ come in two flavors - strawberry 🍓 or grape jelly 🍇 - and are packed with 7 g of plant-based protein for a quick, wholesome lunch.🍎 Pair with some sliced Cosmic Crisp® apples for a healthy sweet treat rich in essential vitamins & nutrients that appeals to both kids & adults alike 😋 Not to mention, Cosmic Crisp® apples are naturally slow to brown, making them the perfect prep-ahead snack.Keep your eye out for SunButter® Jammies™️ & Cosmic Crisp® apples at a store near you (or you just might win some in an upcoming giveaway 😉) Stay tuned...#cosmiccrisp #sunbutter #apples #proteinpacked #lunchboxideas
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