Calling all Cosmic Crisp® fans and chefs!

Drumroll, please! Our celebrity judge Carla Hall has chosen the grand prize winners for the first ever Cosmic Crisp® Culinary Challenge in four categories. See the winning recipes and follow our channels in the coming weeks for more culinary creations that will inspire new ways to enjoy your favorite apple.


Chef Categories


At-Home Chef

Not a professional chef, but born to make magic in the kitchen? We can’t wait to see the tasty treats you come up with.


Professional Chef

Are you a classically trained chef and always inventing new delicious dishes? We apple-solutely can’t wait to see what masterpiece you create for this challenge!


Retail Chef

Calling everyone from Sous Chefs and line cooks to the executive chefs at supermarkets, here's your time to shine!


Kid Chef

Sometimes the little ones have the biggest imaginations. If you know an aspiring chef under 15 years old, ask them to join the challenge!