Fresh Fruit Portal – After a record-breaking sophomore year that is not over yet, Cosmic Crisp apple’s growth trajectory indicates it will launch to the top of the apple chart in no time, according to Domex SuperFresh Growers.

The company cited Nielsen data showing “monumental growth”, with the apple reaching #11 in sales dollars in March, and #14 over the 52 weeks ending March 27, 2021.

If retailers do not have a program in place now, they are missing out on very important sales and customer expectations, Domex said.

“Cosmic Crisp volume is planned to more than double this fall, and double again for the 2022 harvest. This volume will rival current core variety volume, displacing mature varieties that are being replaced with higher color strains and higher flavor varieties,” explains Catherine Gipe-Stewart, Communications Manager.

“Cosmic Crisp is rising so quickly, it has potential to become a top-five variety at this time next year.”

Nielsen data shows a 595% increase in dollars and a 720% in volume over the four weeks ending March 27, 2021.

In March alone, the variety earned the 11th spot with $4.3 million in sales and 1.8 million lbs, at an average price of $2.52/lb, right in line with Honeycrisp at $2.55/lb. Looking at a yearly perspective (last 52 weeks), it has earned $20 million in sales, with 7.7 million lbs.

“Historically, apples like Cosmic Crisp take root in the Pacific region, and spread eastward like wildfire,” says Gipe-Stewart.

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