The Packer –

Washington’s Cosmic Crisp apples are on the rise.

The variety is grown exclusively in the state, and the latest U.S. Apple Association estimate puts Cosmic Crisp output for 2021 at 4.65 million (42-pound) cartons, more than double the 2.07 million produced in 2020.

Cosmic Crisp accounted for 1.8% of the 2021 crop, ranking it just ahead of empire (1.5%) and behind the york variety (1.82%). With the expansion of volume last year and this year, during the pandemic, Cosmic Crisp hasn’t been able to support with produce department sampling and tasting.

CMI was lucky enough to have some of the very first Cosmic Crisp trees in the ground, and we are excited to see continued development in the coming years,” said Danelle Huber, marketing specialist for the Wenatchee, Wash.-based company. 

“A lot of time and effort went into the cultivation of this variety, and we are confident it will continue to be a huge hit with consumers.”

Huber said early marketing efforts made Cosmic Crisp a household name before it ever hit the shelf, and this exposure has fueled popularity and sales through the first two seasons. 

“Retailers and shoppers alike love the long shelf life of the apple, and the flavor does not disappoint,” she said. 

“As a branded apple leader, CMI has welcomed the addition of Cosmic Crisp to its umbrella of offerings, and we are proud to present organic Cosmic Crisp this season in addition to our conventional apples.”

There is a lot of industry effort and thought to drive continued awareness of Cosmic Crisp, said Mac Riggan, director of marketing for Chelan Fresh, Chelan, Wash. 

“I expect a really good eating (Cosmic Crisp) this year,” he said.