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Cosmic Crisp® Apple Pie Milkshake With Bob’s Red Mill Vanilla Shake Granola

Indulge in one of the sweetest times of year by entering for a chance to win one of three Fall baking prize packs and enjoying our Sweeter Together recipes.

🚀Unlock the Cosmic Crisp® Magic: Exclusive Recipes Await!✨

Greetings to the dynamic world of Cosmic Crisp® apples! We extend a warm welcome to our vibrant online community, where bakers, chefs, and apple-lovers from far and wide unite in their love for the culinary possibilities offered by the Cosmic Crisp® apple. Renowned not only for its perfectly balanced flavor, but also its unmistakably crisp […]

🌟The Cosmic Crisp® Apple Wins the 2023 Good Housekeeping Snack Award🌟

We are thrilled to announce that Cosmic Crisp® apples have been honored with the prestigious 2023 Good Housekeeping Snack Award in the Powerhouse Produce section! 🎉🍎 Grown in the beautiful orchards of Washington State, Cosmic Crisp® apples are a remarkable cross between the luscious Honeycrisp and robust Enterprise varieties. With their remarkable qualities, it’s no […]

Brand Partnerships and The Star Ingredient

Welcome to the world of Cosmic Crisp® apples, where nothing goes to waste. While it is true that not all of our apples make it to grocery store shelves, we’re proud to say that we’re finding new and delicious ways to use these “imperfect” apples in other branded products. First up, the hard cider superstars, […]

Cold Press Juices with Cosmic Crisp® Apples

Looking for some delicious and healthy juice recipes to try at home? Look no further than these cold-pressed juice recipes featuring the versatile Cosmic Crisp® apple. With its perfectly balanced flavor and crisp texture, the Cosmic Crisp® apple is an ideal addition to any juice recipe. Cosmic Crisp® Homemade Immunity Shot 🍎 1 Cosmic Crisp® […]

A Big Year for Cosmic Crisp® Apple

2022 was a bright and shining year for the Apple of Big Dreams™. As we look forward to 2023, we’re reflecting on our favorite memories with YOU.  We took it to the sky From Arizona to Alabama, the Cosmic Crisp® apple hot air balloon soared high in the sky, inspiring friends and family to Imagine […]