It’s been a sky-high journey across North America for The Apple of Big Dreams™! The 2023 Cosmic Crisp® Hot Air Balloon Tour has taken us to some amazing destinations, and we’ve had the time of our lives sharing the magic of Cosmic Crisp® apples with enthusiasts from coast to coast. From the stunning vistas at the Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Classic to the high-flying excitement of The Great Reno Balloon Race, join us as we relive our favorite moments from this incredible journey.

Highlights from the 2023 Hot Air Balloon Tour
Photo: @jasmineksweet

Great Balloonfest Kentucky Derby, Louisville, KY

Our 2023 national tour began in Louisville, Kentucky, where the Great Balloonfest coincided with the iconic Kentucky Derby. We had the pleasure of being joined by the delightful Jasmine Sweet (@jasmineksweet) and her family. Sharing the experience with them added an extra layer of joy to our adventure!

Cosmic Crisp® 2023 Hot Air Balloon Tour
Photo: @helen_balloon_race

Helen Balloon Classic

Next on our tour was the Helen Balloon Classic in the heart of Georgia. With the Helen skyline as our backdrop, we celebrated the southern charm and hospitality that perfectly complemented the Cosmic Crisp® experience.
Cosmic Crisp® 2023 Hot Air Balloon Tour

Lunds and Byerlys – Apple Valley Store Opening in Minnesota

One of the most unique and fitting experiences awaited us in Apple Valley, Minnesota. The grand opening of a new Lunds and Byerlys store was celebrated all week, featuring our enormous apple-shaped Cosmic Crisp® balloon!
Cosmic Crisp® 2023 Hot Air Balloon Tour
Photo: @severalwizards

2 Towns Ciderhouse’s Harvest Party

Our journey took an exciting turn at the 2 Towns Harvest Party in Oregon. The Cosmic Crisp® apple brought its unique flair to this cider-centric event. It was a match made in apple heaven as party-goers sipped, savored, and celebrated the harvest season.
Cosmic Crisp® 2023 Hot Air Balloon Tour
Photo: @wsupullman

Washington State University

Our latest stop brought us back to where it all began: Washington State University – heart and soul of Cosmic Crisp® apple research and development. It was a heartwarming moment to be back where the dream of the perfect apple came to life. The Cosmic Crisp® team, researchers, and fans came together to celebrate this extraordinary journey.

The 2023 Cosmic Crisp® Hot Air Balloon Tour has been the journey of our dreams, and there’s just one stop left! On November 16-19 the hot air balloon will be at the Cathedral City Balloon Festival in Cathedral City, CA. The apple of big dreams continues to soar to new heights, and we can’t wait to see where the next tour takes us.

In the meantime, keep enjoying the extraordinary taste of the Cosmic Crisp® apple, The Apple of Big Dreams™! Use our Apple Finder to find apples near you 🍎

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