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CORVALLIS, OR – While space exploration may seem like a task reserved for astronauts and Elon Musk, the Cosmic Crisp® apple is elevating its partnership with 2 Towns Ciderhouse to the galaxy level. The specialty beverage supplier recently announced a new imperial series featuring two bold, new flavor frontiers, Tropical Cosmic Crisp® and Blueberry Cosmic Crisp®.

“Undoubtedly, the partnership with 2 Towns Ciderhouse and Cosmic Crisp will live long and prosper,” said Kathryn Grandy, Chief Marketing Officer, Cosmic Crisp®. “We are delighted to build upon this natural alliance and excited to be collaborating on such incredible flavor innovations with 2 Towns.”

The inventive lineup includes three high-gravity ciders: Tropical Cosmic Crisp®, Blueberry Cosmic Crisp®, and the original Cosmic Crisp®. All three of the dazzling drinks are crafted with Cosmic Crisp apples, introducing our fellow Earthlings to a taste that is out of this world—literally.

“We are thrilled to launch these new varieties of the Cosmic Explorer Series,” said Dave Takush, Head Cider Maker at 2 Towns. “The spectacular flavor of the Cosmic Crisp® apple really supports the tangy and tropical vibes of the passionfruit and hibiscus. I also love how the character of the NW blueberries really shines through in the Blueberry Cosmic. Both of these new Cosmic ciders are out of this world.”

Tropical Cosmic Crisp embodies purple passion fruit, hibiscus flowers, and Cosmic Crisp apples, while Blueberry Cosmic Crisp blends Northwest blueberries with Cosmic Crisp apples to create the ultimate space-age cider.

Tropical Cosmic Crisp® and Blueberry Cosmic Crisp® will hit store shelves in early February, joining the original Cosmic Crisp® flavor launched in 2021, to round out the alluring Cosmic Explorer Series, a new, high ABV, imperial cider line from 2 Towns. The Cosmic Explorer Series will be available through distributors in the Oregon, Washington, California, Alaska, Idaho, Hawaii, Illinois, Minnesota, Montana, South Dakota, and Arizona markets.

Buyers, take to the stars with these specialty, apple-infused beverages, and you’ll find more than just evidence of life in the store aisles.Find where to buy the Cosmic Explorer Series with the 2 Towns Cider Finder at this link.

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