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It’s an Inspiration

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Cosmic Crisp® Spring Menu & Decor!

Celebrate the start of Spring with our seasonal menu and do it yourself decor ideas! The whole family can get involved in creating these special touches that will make lasting memories.

The apple you’ve
been dreaming of

Prized for their perfectly balanced flavor and delightfully crisp texture, Cosmic Crisp® apples are your go-to for baking, snacking and entertaining. Find them in national grocery stores today!

Meet Your New Favorite Apple

The Cosmic Crisp® brand apple is the remarkable result of 20 years of study and research by Washington State University’s world-class tree fruit breeding program. Classically bred and grown in Washington State, the Cosmic Crisp® is a cross of the Enterprise and Honeycrisp varieties. The large, juicy and red apple has a perfectly balanced flavor and firm texture, making it ideal for snacking, cooking, baking, and entertaining.