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The Cosmic Crisp® apple is the remarkable result of 20 years of study and research by Washington State University’s world-class tree fruit breeding program. Classically bred and grown in Washington State, the Cosmic Crisp® apple is a cross of the Enterprise and Honeycrisp varieties. The large, juicy and red apple has a perfectly balanced flavor and firm texture, making it ideal for snacking, cooking, baking, and entertaining. The striking color and shape of the Cosmic Crisp® apple shines in fresh decor like wreaths, floral arrangements and tablescapes.

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The perfectly balanced flavor and firm texture of Cosmic Crisp® apples makes them a versatile ingredient in the crisper drawer. Find them nationwide in grocery stores in all seasons.

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No shopping list is complete without Cosmic Crisp® apples 🍎 Add them to your list, then get to the grocery store ASAP! 🛒💨

Use the store locator linked in our bio to find them near you! 🍎

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Satisfy your cheesecake cravings without turning on the oven by making this High Protein Cheesecake Dip 🍰

Just slice up a Cosmic Crisp® apple & dip to get your daily dose of protein & fiber 🍎 Now that’s our kind of multitasking 👌

Here’s What You’ll Need 📌

🧀 16 Oz. Container of Cottage cheese (we love @good_culture)
🍁 1/4 Cup Pure Maple Syrup
🤍 1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
💛 Crumbled Graham Crackers
🤎 Cinnamon, To Garnish
🍎 Cosmic Crisp® Apple Slices, To Serve

1. Combine the cottage cheese, maple syrup & vanilla in a blender. Blend on high until smooth, scraping the sides as needed. Chill for ~30 minutes.
2. Pour the mixture into a serving bowl & crumble graham crackers on top, followed by a sprinkle of cinnamon.
3. Serve with Cosmic Crisp® apple slices & enjoy!

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🏓🍎 Apple Ace GIVEAWAY 🍎🏓

Cosmic Crisp® apples are a delicious & nutritious snack to fuel your next pickleball matchup. Click the link in bio to enter for a chance to win $200 in prizes 🤩🍎

Ten lucky winners will receive:
🍎 Box of Cosmic Crisp® Apples (8 Apples)
🏓 Cosmic Crisp® Branded Pickleball Set (2 Paddles, 3 Balls & Court Bag)
🧢 2 Cosmic Crisp® Hats
🍺 Visor & Sweatband Set from @2townscider

Don’t forget to complete the extra actions on the second page for additional bonus entries! 😉 Giveaway ends June 24th, and winners will be notified June 26th.

*Meta Inc. does not sponsor this sweepstakes.

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What’s YOUR favorite season for snacking on Cosmic Crisp® apples?

Discover the science that goes into making Cosmic Crisp® apples available all year round ✨ Don’t forget to look for them at a store near you using the link in bio! 🍎

#cosmiccrisp #appleseason #freshfruit #freshproduce #freshapples #wholesomefood
🐶😍 Cue the puppy eyes because @swellgelatofordogs & Cosmic Crisp® apples are your bffs new favorite treat!

One’s creamy & sweet, while the other’s crisp, juicy & perfectly balanced in flavor. Together, they check all the boxes when looking for a healthy, sweet treat for your furry friend.

Northwesterners, find Cosmic Crisp® apples & Swell Gelato at a store near you using our store locators. Links in bio! 🍎

#cosmiccrisp #swellgelato #gelatolovers #dogtreats #apples #gelatofordogs
Craving something *berry* refreshing? 🫐

Combine @2townscider Cosmic Crisp® Cider, ginger & fresh blueberries for a stellar springtime tipple 😍

Save for what you’ll need 📌
🫐 ⅓ Cup Fresh Blueberries
🍋 1 Lemon, Juiced
🫚 1 Tbsp Fresh Ginger, Grated
🍺 2 Towns OG Cosmic Crisp Apple Cider or Blueberry Cosmic Crisp® Cider
🍎 Sliced Cosmic Crisp® Apples, To Garnish
🍋 Fresh Lemon, To Garnish
🧊 Ice

1. Divide the blueberries, lemon juice & ginger into two serving glasses.
2. Use a muddler to muddle the blueberries until completely broken down.
3. Fill the glasses with ice & top with cider.
4. Garnish as desired & enjoy!

#cosmiccrisp #2townsciderhouse #cidergram #cocktailsathome #ciderlovers #hardcider
May's Pet of the Month is... (Hint: She's from the apple capital of the world 🍎🌳)

Named after her favorite mountain, Rainier loves to hike across the Pacific Northwest with her guardian, Brooke, and of course, savor a Cosmic Crisp® apple once they reach the summit. Rainier loves to eat individual slices or finish off the apple straight to the core! 🍎

When she's not adventuring or snacking, Rainier loves to cuddle with Brooke in their Chelan, Washington home. 

Click the link in bio to enter your name, email address, and a photo of you & your pet 🍎 Already entered? Your pet is still in the running for next month ♥️

#cosmiccrisp #cosmicpets2024 #petofthemonth #doghiking #dogtreatsfordays
Honeybees bring Cosmic Crisp® apples into fruition - literally 🐝🍎 Here's how 👇 

These busy bees do the same work as plant breeders, but naturally. They take pollen from one flower onto the stigma of another flower, cross-pollinating blooms into fruit for an abundant harvest.

🍎 Click the link in bio to learn how Washington growers work closely with Mother Nature to bring the Cosmic Crisp® apples from our orchards to your table 🌳

#cosmiccrisp #honeybees #pollinators #fruittrees #thesecretlifeofbees
Wherever your summer adventures take you, remember to pack a snack (or a Cosmic Crisp® apple) 😉⁠🍎⁠
An excellent source of carbohydrates, dietary fiber & natural electrolytes, Cosmic Crisp® apples help you stay hydrated & rebuild your body's glycogen to keep you energized all day long.

🛒 Pick up one, two, or a dozen of these nutritious apples at your local store via the link in our bio!

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Picture This: One apple that checks ALL the boxes ✅

Satisfying crunch, perfectly balanced flavor, irresistible juiciness, slow-to-brown... All working in perfect harmony to give you the dreamiest snacking experience.

Experience superior snacking IRL with Cosmic Crisp®. Use the store locator linked in our bio to find them near you 💯🍎

#cosmiccrisp #freshproduce #fruitsandveggies #apples #groceryhaul
The moment Cosmic Crisp® apples are picked, their journey begins 🍎🌳

Cosmic Crisp® apples are carefully transported from tree to bin → bin to truck → truck to cold storage → storage to packing → packing to grocery store 🥰 

🍎🛒 Find the apples at a store near you with the link in our bio!

#cosmiccrisp #freshapples #apples #freshproduce #groceryshopping #appleorchard
Who wants one? 🍎 Comment “FRITTERS”, and we’ll DM you the recipe!

Made with the perfectly balanced flavor of Cosmic Crisp® apples, deep-fried until golden brown & dipped in a maple glaze, these Sourdough Cosmic Crisp® Apple Fritters are an irresistible treat 🤤

#cosmiccrisp #applefritters #brunchideas #apples #freshapples #snackvideo #snacking
We all know what kind of brunch mama REALLY wants: One she doesn’t have to lift a finger for!

This Mother’s Day, treat the mom in your life to a Cosmic Crisp®-inspired brunch, complete with:
🥓 Smoked Apple Bacon
🍎 Sourdough Cosmic Crisp® Apple Fritters
🍳 Eggs Sunny Side Up
🍊 Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

What recipes are you making for Mother’s Day? Share below!

#cosmiccrisp #brunchideas #applefritters #brunchtime #mothersday #applebacon #breakfastlover
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